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Школа № 72
с углубленным изучением отдельных учебных предметов


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About our school


  Comprehensive school 72 is the youngest school in Ryazan. It was founded in 1998. Our school is rather spacious, comfortable and well-equipped.                                             


  The students get the 11-year education. There are more than 1100 students aged from 6-7 to 16-17 in our school. The pedagogical staff consists of 60 teachers.


  We’ve got three levels: the Primary school, the Secondary school and the Upper school. Most of the forms are comprehensive but there are also gymnasium forms and the forms with the advanced level of English in our school. German and French are also taught in school 72.


  Classes begin at 8.30 and are over at 2.15. In the second part of the day students can attend different after school creative studios and clubs like Dancing Studio, Singing Studio, Computer Club, English Club, TV Club, Art Club and a great number of Sports Clubs.  


   In 2008 our School Television started to work. Now we can regularly watch the school news and other interesting programs.         


   Contests, competitions, holiday celebrations and parties are regularly arranged at the school. These are some of our traditional school events:


              ·      First School Day (Knowledge Day)

·        Fitness Day

·        Teacher’s Day

·        New Year’s Party

·        Fatherland Defender’s Day

·        Victory Day

·        Graduation Party





















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